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Private Mira Polyclinics

Our business started its operation in 2005 as Epilazyum Beauty Centre and gained polyclinic stated based on operation decisions of Ministry of Health in Turkey in 2010. We are currently providing our high-quality services as Private Mira Polyclinics.

Our main field of expertise is laser hair removal application. We are also offering our service is skin care, anti-aging treatments, sunspot treatment, and localised weight loss applications.

As Private Mira Polyclinics, we prioritise customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are carefully monitoring all technological developments in our sector in detail. Since 2005, we welcome our customers with our expert team and our experiences to offer the most accurate services.

You will feel more beautiful, healthy, and cared with Private Mira Polyclinics. Our centre has trustworthy and professional reputation in this sector and various medical applications are applied with the latest technologies. We are actively working since 2005 with our professional team and we are trying to present the best services to our customer. With our customer oriented approach and affordable price policy, we always emphasise quality and comfort.

Our Services

Preferred by those who want to feel young and special all the time, Private Mira Polyclinics offers various popular medical applications including ice laser hair removal and laser hair removal. With our seasonal laser hair removal campaigns, we are offering advantaged services to both women and men. Additionally, in our institutions, all regulation presented by Ministry of Health are considered at each application step. For have a smoother body with the most comfortable way possible, you can benefit from our special offers by visiting our centres. You will feel freer and prettier in our centre that presents highly successful results in hair removal applications applied for unique skin colour.

In Private Mira Polyclinics, there are other application that will make you feel privileged in addition to laser hair removal. You can experience highly popular applications with our expert team. is preferred in treatment of various conditions including wrinkle treatments and excessive sweating and this application will make you look younger and have smoother skin. You can contact us to learn more about our campaigns.

Are you unhappy about skin spots, acne, or ingrown hair? You can have skin spot treatment in Private Mira Polyclinics and have a smooth skin.

What about removing your excessive weight and looking thinner and more attractive? With localised weight loss or also known as lipolysis, you can have fit and tight body. You can also reshape your body with various healthy filling materials. If you want, you can have free fat and muscle measurements in our centres and receive professional support from our team.

Skin care in our centres gives you the change to spoil yourself. If you want, you can try effect skin care to have filled and tight look or you can cleanse your skin from dead skin cells with chemical peeling and have a rejuvenated skin. With skin care applications, you will have more than healthy look. You will protect your skin against wrinkles and skin spots that are signs of aging and defy damages of time.

Did you know that NDYag Laser device that is commonly used as laser hair removal method can also be used in capillary vessel treatment? You are at the right place for this type of special treatment. It is easy to eliminate this problem...

Skin spots which are the biggest problem of many people can be removed with dermapen application. You can find this extremely effective alternative application method in our clinic.

Skin care offered by our polyclinics are not limited with these applications. It is extremely fun to rejuvenate yourself with Aqua Peeling which is contactless skin care.

Roller application that stimulates collagen production of the skin and rejuvenates your skin is one of the services you will want to try. This method is simple to apply and you can experience this method in the most hygienic form.

On the other hand, Anti-Aging skin care developed by our expert team will help you look young and dynamic all the time. With this anti-aging care, you will stop the effects caused by aging. Everyone needs this skin care after certain age.

You can find a new application called Passive Gymnastic in Private Mira Polyclinics. This method enables you to work your muscles with a special device. You can work various parts of your body and you can achieve a good body.

Everyone wants to look young. Do you want to try Youth Elixir? You can learn details about this subject in our polyclinic and benefit from our service applied in hygienic environment. Based on you needs, youth elixir application around hand, face, neck, eye, and mouth area is comfortable and there are no side effects.

There various other services in our Kadıköy and Şişli centres. In short, everything you need to become beautiful, spoil yourself with care, and beautiful life is here! G5 Massage application, acupuncture treatment, mesotherapy application and PRP are among other application offered in our clinic. Visit Private Mira Polyclinics and get ready to feel special and give value your skin deserves.



In hair transplantation, the intended purpose for patients is to achieve as natural and intense appearance as possible.

Hair transplant is the process of transplanting hair follicles to the area that has lost hair for several reasons or that has shed hair for more than 50 percent.

In the surgery, the patient’s own hair follicles and hair strips are used. For this reason, developing an infection or transplanted hair rejection are out of the question.


Hair transplant should be done by an experienced and professional team (anaesthesia technicians and nurses) under the supervision of a specialist doctor in clinics approved by the Ministry of Health. The results are quite satisfactory when done using appropriate physical conditions and advanced techniques.


Hair transplantation methods are divided into two, as FUT and FUE procedures. Both procedures provide live hair follicle transplantation and do not require general anaesthesia. The difference between them is the way the hair is transplanted.


In FUT procedure, the hair taken on the back of the head, between the ears are made into micro-grafts and micro-grafts are transplanted into the hairless area one by one as strips. After the hair is taken from the back of the head, this section is stitched, leaving an 8-9 cm long scar. This classic procedure can be done in 2 or maximum 3 sessions in 6 month intervals. The surgery lasts for 4-5 hours.


In FUE procedure, hair is taken from the same area of FUT procedure. However, the way hair is taken is different in this procedure. Hair is taken with a punch tool with a diameter of 1 mm. 4000-5000 hair strips can be transplanted with this procedure. The number of sessions depends on the number of hair follicles and the size of the person's hairless and thin hair area.

In FUE procedure, since the hair is transplanted one by one, the daily processing time may last up to 7-8 hours. It is therefore a long time consuming and expensive procedure. The distinctive superiority of the FUE procedure is that there are no scars left on the back of the head where the hair is taken. It should be taken into account that this is important for those who want to have their hair cut too short.

When necessary, hair follicles on the chest and back can be used for hair transplant.

In both procedures, the first transplanted hair is shed at the end of the first month and begins to regrow 2-3 months after the transplant. There is no possibility of shedding. Since the hair follicles belong to the same person, hair grows in the same colour and characteristics. The direction of the transplanted hair, the naturalness of the front hair line is as important as the amount of the transplanted hair.